Thursday, 3 October 2013

Throwback Thurday

It's Throwback Thurday and today we're throwing back to one of my favourite series, Grim Hill by Linda DeMeulemeester!

The Secrets of Grim Hill

Pages: 187 pages
Release Date: May 25th, 2007
Status: Book 1

Cat Peters just transferred to Darkmont High and is already desperate to get out. When she hears that Grimoire, the private school nearby, is offering scholarships to the winners of a Halloween soccer match, Cat jumps at the chance. Her little sister, Sookie, and their bookworm neighbor, Jasper, try to tell her there's something ... "just not right" about the old school on the hill, and their worries are confirmed when they uncover a mystery about an entire soccer team that disappeared many years ago. Further investigation leads Cat to a book about ancient Celtic myth and fairy lore, and she soon realizes that there is something truly wicked at work inside the walls of Grimoire.

I read this book back in elementary school and just feel in love with it! This was after I read all the Spiderwick books and before I started reading YA books, and just was really into the genre.

The story revolves around Cat and her determination to get into the posh private school. Along the way, however, Cat, her sister Sookie and neighbour Jasper uncover a secret about the old school that will change their lives forever.

I read the first book, the sequel The Secret Deepens, and the third book, The Forgotten Secret before stopping altogether. It wasn't because I got tired of the series, but it was because I just got really into the YA genre by then. There are two more books after that though: The Family Secret and the Forest of Secrets.

What I love about this book is that there is a lot of mystery and a lot of adventure mixed in with the fantasy genre! This book is categorized as a childrens book (I'm pretty sure this is a middle grade book though) but the characters are amazing and the way that the author can combine all the genres together without making it too cheezy or mature is phenomenal!

So parents and elementary school librarians, this book is great chapter book for kids ages 9-12! I guarantee that they will fall in love with the series just like I did in elementary school! And besides, what's better than getting into the Halloween spirit with Fairy folklore, soccer, and some mind blowing secrets?

Happy Throwback Thursday guys!

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