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Saturday Spotlight: Eve Edwards (Halloween Edition)

It's Saturday Spotlight guys! And this week, UK YA author Eve Edwards is here to join us!


About Eve:

Eve Edwards is the pen-name of English authors, Julia Golding and Joss Stirling, an author of both children's and Young Adult books. Under Eve, she has publsihed two historical series The Lacey Chronicles (set in Elizabethan England) and the Dusk series (set in World War I). A former British diplomat and Oxfam policy adviser, she has published over 30 books in various genres like historical fiction to fantasy.
I have read the Lacey Chronicles and LOVE all the books! I have yet to read Dusk, but I know very well that I will enjoy it as much as I did with her other series. I haven't really read anything under her real name, but I am currently searching Indigo to see if they have any of her books (from either name) in stock!
When I read the Lacey Chronicles, I was really amazed at how she was able to make a story that focuses on the importance of family, friends and love without taking away from the authentic Elizabethan feel. Unlike most YA Historical that feel too slow or boring, her books are very well plotted, have a nice pace, and her characters are always developed beatuifully.
I really wanted to talk to her about both historical series, but since Dusk isn't available in the US, we decided that we focus on a  party. But not just any ordinary party, BUT a Historical Halloween Party! (Since Halloween is NEXT THURSDAY!). Isn't that cool? Here is Eve's post and who SHE would invite to her Historical Halloween Party!
As Halloween approaches it is time to dust off those plastic vampire fangs, get out the pumpkin candle lights and stock up on candies. As a writer of historical YA fiction, I'm often living in the past so the thought of the festivities started me wondering who I would invite if I held a party with historical guests.

We don't go in for such big celebrations of Halloween in the UK as in the US but one thing that is standard for a fancy dress party on that night are silly games. Hmm, so who would be good at apple bobbing?

Isaac Newton. He can bob for apples while thinking about gravity. Perhaps to keep him company, I'd invite Archimedes (he of the eureka bath experiment). We'll leave the scientists to their barrel of apples while we go off to another game.

Over on the other side of the room I've invited Christopher Columbus for that game where you have to attack a bar of chocolate while wearing scarf, hat, gloves etc and eat it with a knife and fork. He should be allowed a go as he is said to have introduced the cocoa bean to Europe. To up the ante, I think I'll put him against Francis Drake, the privateer who served Queen Elizabeth I and also visited the New World. I imagine they would both be fiercely competitive so I would make sure they were disarmed before being allowed inside.

Leaving those two battling it out over the chocolate, I now turn to the refreshments. I've put in charge of them Marie-Antoine Careme, chef to the Prince Regent (later George IV). He was the first celebrity chef in England and was a genius as creating outstanding banquets. I'm sure he would come up with some suitably outrageous ghostly themed desserts.

On the drinks table I would place F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda. They could shake up a few 1920s cocktails and add a dash of flapper style to the party. I've been reading about them recently - a fragile and brilliant couple who appeared to be good at party-going.

I would need a few characters who would be good for a laugh. I would love to chat with Jane Austen - she loved a party and might be able to persuade my guest musician, Count Basie, to play a few tunes for us and Billy Holiday to sing. Jane and I would both like to invite William Shakespeare. He can recite the witches speech from Macbeth. For scary stories, we would invite Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. To add a little romantic frisson to the evening, I think we'd also like Cassanova to come and flirt with us ladies, but we are all too sensible to contemplate leaving with him.

The evening would end with Trick or Treating. To carry our candy haul, I think I'd invite along some handsome gladiators. Imagine Jane, Billy H, Mary S and I escorted through the streets by our guard of honour with Shakespeare to knock on the doors and use his silver tongue to persuade the inhabitants to part with their sweets. That's a night to remember.
Her party seems very high-class. I feel like my dinner party with the Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Gary Cooper, and Grand Duchess Anastasia and her brother, Alexi, would pale in comparison! I, personally, would invite Mary Shelley as well- who doesn't want to hear scary stories from her?
Anyways, who would you guys invite to your Historical Halloween Party?

Thank you so much to Eve for taking the time out to do this little guest post! I really appreciate it!

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