Thursday, 10 October 2013

Blogger Life: Caught Red-handed

Like I said, I just have soooooo much going on that I didn't have time to make a Throwback Thursday post for this week! I just really wanted to finish all my homework and assignments before the break, but unfortunately for me, my teachers assigned MORE stuff for me to do during this Thanksgiving holiday! Yay!

But other than getting assignments and homework, my day was pretty okay. Till, you know, I got caught eating. TWICE!

I DO eat breakfast in the morning, let's get that straight first! I eat usually some toast with jam and butter, waffles (I LOVE waffles!), or something Filipino that my mom whips up when she has the time. I don't usually get hungry after lunch, but at school, I just feel so hungry by second period! The problem? We're not allowed to eat in class because it's against Sabrina's Law.

So, I chew gum to keep my mind of food or I eat a mint. A LOT of mints. But today, I just got so hungry :( So I started eating my apple slices. For anyone that wants to eat in class, DO NOT do what I did: eat when the teacher is looking straight at you and having a conversation with you. Seriously, don't.

In my defense, she wasn't originally talking to me in the first place- she just happened to look at me and ask me a question in the end. THAT'S how I got caught. So never, ever, eveeeeerrrrrr eat in class when the teacher is not focused on work.

When I got to Economics class, I was getting my books out and was reaching to pull out an apple, but my teacher suddenly walked in. So I was caught red-handed right off the bat and didn't even to eat a slice 3A!

You think I would've learned to be more covert when eating an apple in class, but apparently, I'm not really covert. I guess this is a sign to never eat again in class since it is against the rules. I should really just stick to mints, at least I don't get in trouble as much!

Happy Thursday!

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