Sunday, 6 October 2013

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

So I got tagged about two days ago by  Fionnuala from Books for Birds. The second I got tagged I was pretty confused (I'm still a newbie blogger, so bare with me), since I really didn't know what to do. I mean, I understood the concept (state 50 random facts about yourself), but I didn't know who to because I still haven't made many blogger friends, and what if, you know, I mess up? I don't know why my mind drew those conclusions, but they did!

Anyways, here I am now, telling you 50 Random Facts about me. And all I have to say is, THIS is probably one of the hardest thing I've ever done!

1. I am a huge Doctor Who fan
2. Fionnuala thinks I stole the Doctor from her
3. My other friend, Marielle, thinks she's the Doctor's companion
4. I'm from Canada, eh?
5. When I was younger, I used to skate, swim and dance (I spent 3 years in ballet class)
6. I am a Science and English tutor, just don't ask me to spell!
7. This is my favourite number 
8. I've seen One Direction & Olly Murs together, and Olly was smiling as I nearly fell off a railing (it's not as bad as it sounds, he just thought I was amusing, which I'm fine with :D)
9. All my friends think they're Beyoncé
10. I nearly died at my first GA (that's general admission, btw) concert
11. I'm missing the Justin Timberlake concert to watch Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters
12. I have interviewed former Argonaut Orlando Bowen
13. I have interviewed Vampire Academy actor/dancer, Nate Shaw
14. I have an undying love for Vampire Academy!
15. I run @VACanadaNews, Canada's Vampire Academy account :D
16. I'm the new Editor-in-Chief of my school's newspaper *happy dances*
17. I am afraid of balloons
18. I am afraid of thunder and lightning, and once walked home in a lightning storm
19. I used to eat fish food when I was younger
20. I've seen Connor Maynard live and even got a hug from him!
21. I play the piano. I started when I was 6 but quit when I moved, and have recently picked it back up again; I've been playing for about 2-3 years
22. I miss drama class, especially my drama fam!
23. I have never won any contests
24. No matter how much I suck at math, I always pass with a nice, average grade :D
25. I can't draw for the life of me. Well, I can draw trees...sorta
26. I'm hopelessly behind on Free! Swim Anime
27. I love Cookie Dough Ice cream 
28. I sing
29. I have been learning French for almost 7-8 years and the only complex thing I can say is 'I'm sorry for my friends behaviour' (I used that line a bunch of times in Quebec) 
30. I once had to sing a song in French in front of the whole school
31. I really want a husky as a pet
32. When I was 11-12 (ish) I almost had my first kiss...ALMOST...(I turned him down)
33. When I go shopping at the mall with my mom, I always try on dresses because I love dresses
34. I love the colour red and am OBSESSED with roses
35. According to everyone that knows my family, I look like my grandmas and great-grandma
36. My mom always tells me stories about her younger years and I love hearing them; who doesn't want to hear what their mom did in France? IT'S FRANCE!
37. I have a brother 5 years younger than me
38. I still haven't gotten my G1 yet
39. I'm in high school 
40. I sing in my church's choir
41. I was born August 12 and because I'm a summer baby, I never get my locker decorated at school :(
42. I read books at Chapters because I usually can't afford to buy them
43. If money didn't matter, I would spend my life travelling the world and helping others figure out who they are
44. I actually don't eat much chocolate
45. My favourite animal is a lion :) (I'm also a Leo)
46. My favourite number is 7
47. If I had the choice, I would be living in London and would travel to France on the weekends
48. I'm currently doing my best to keep my average up so I can become a book publisher
49. I'm also working hard to also become an actress, whether it be in television, film or theatre. Becoming an actress is my goal first and foremost
50. The hardest thing I've ever had to do was tell the truth

Well, that's it for me! 50 Random Facts in a little over 2 1/2 hours! :)

Now that I've endured and survived the pain inflicted about me from Fionnuala, it's my turn! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Elena @ 4evabookworm0
Matt @ MattCrazy_
Jessica @ ReviewsAbound

So that's it for me, and I'm SOOOOO sorry in advance you three! But, the tag must live on! :D

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