Friday, 4 October 2013

Fangirl Friday: Jost Bell

I haven't done a Fangirl Friday in a really long time! Wow! Today we Fangirl over Jost Bell from one of my new favourite books, Crewel.

Unfortunately, unlike my other Fangirl Friday post, I can't go into much detail since I don't own a copy of the book (I borrowed it from the library). I'm still trying to convince my mom to take me book shopping, so bare with me!

Jost Bell is a main character from Crewel World series which currently consists of, well, Crewel and Altered (to be released on October 29th, 2013).

The series revolves around Adelice Lewys, a sixteen year old girl living in a world (literally) above ours called Arras. In her world, girls go through an intensive month of tests to see if they have any special abilities to be an Eligible. In her world, Eligibles have the possibility of living a luxurious life as a Spinster, someone that can weave matter to help sustain Arras's existance. Adelice, however, is neither: yes, she can bend time and space but she can do it without having to use a loom-she can just reach out and manipulate her surroundings. She isn't an Eligible Spinster. She is the next Creweler, the person who (literally) keeps the world of Arras from falling appart at the seams (no pun intended).

But the world of the Spinsters isn't as glamorous as the media or the Guild (that's the government in Arras) made it out to be: it's a world full of vicious, competitive, power-hungry and vain women. To help weave her way through the 'privileged', dangerous and secretive world of the Spinsters (again, no pun intended), Adelice allies herself with her mentor Enora, the dutiful assisstant of Maela, Erick, and of course the mysterious servant, Jost Bell.

Together, with Jost and the others, Adelice will find herself in the middle of a conspiracy that will alter (okay, pun intended) her life and the lives of those she loves.

The sequel to Crewel will be released later this month (I'll be doing a Waiting on Wednesday dedicated to Altered, featuring a lot of crazy theories and ideas. And fangirling. Lots and lots of fangirling), and right now, the story and the characters are hanging on a thread.

Although Crewel left us with a very open ending that will lead into a lot of action packed moments in Altered, one thing is for certain: Jost Bell is only going to make the story much more complicated (and hotter).
Chris Mason as Jost Bell
So here are a some facts about Jost Bell:
  • He is nineteen years old
  • He has shoulder length, wavy dark hair
  • He has blue eyes
  • He is muscular
  • He is from Sussex, South Sector, Arras
What makes Jost worthy of this week's Fangirl Friday? Other than be insanely good-looking and the nicest person (other than Enora) in the book, Jost is his own person. I mean, he works; he doesn't drink, he doesn't kill. He makes a modest living as the head valet/the head of all servants in the Coventry (that's where all the Spinsters live; it's like a palace you can never leave), and he's a good man ready to help those that are loyal and kind-hearted.

I totally ship Adelice and Jost. I like Erick, because he can just banter with Adelice easily, but Jost is the guys for me Adelice. It's too early in the series to see who she'll chose (especially with the way things ended in Crewel) and we haven't really seen much in the romance department for Adelice or any of the guys since they were too busy, you know, trying to survive.

But here's the thing that makes Jost so fangirl worthy/ amazing/ perfect for Adelice: he doesn't care for his own feelings, he cares about how others around him feels. He doesn't care about safety, he cares about the safety of those he loves. And overall, he doesn't live for himself, he lives for those that are important to him.

That's it for Fangirl Friday, and I hope I've persuaded you enough to pick up Crewel! It's really worth the read!

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