About Me

Update: I have moved to my new blog, Sleepless Reads! This blog will only be live for a little while, so please visit my new blog!

My name is Allison and I am from Canada. I'm really not good at bios, but I will try my best to introduce myself! :)

I am a highschool student, I live in Canada and I don't say "eh"....NOT all the time.

I am a total bookworm and self-proclaimed nerd. I play the piano, hate the changing of seasons (I HATE having allergies!), and I have an undying love for Doctor Who. I have recently gone from drinking coffee on a regular basis to only drinking it on weekends (scary right?), and am currently trying my best to keep up with blogging and my school work.

Much to contrary belief, I am afraid of many things (balloons, for example), and am not as tech savvy as everyone thinks! Books are an escape for me, a cheaper way to leave my world for a little while. Other than reading, I do write, and dream that one day I can combine my love for reading, writing, acting, and singing and fangirling, into something that I love!

I am also in the process in writing my first story, called The Privileged Select about a girl living in the year 2100 and is forced to give up her upper-class status to give her family a life and save them from execution, who's later Selected to save the Western Crown.

So that's it for me :)