Saturday, 5 October 2013

Blogger Life: The Pros and Cons of Books & Reading

So I just came back from the library again today! As you can see, I still have Clockwork Prince in the pile. It's been almost 2 (maybe 3) weeks since I got Clockwork Prince and I'm only on Chapter 1. I'm NOT done Chapter 1 & neither am I even close to being done Chapter 1. And it's due Monday, and as you can see above, I have 6 more books to read after Clockwork Prince.

Today's post, I'm going all Gallagher Girl and channeling my inner Cammie Morgan as I do a pros and cons list on books and reading. 

PRO: Having a lot of books is good, it can keep you busy for probably a little while

CON: You have due dates to worry about if you borrow books like me!

PRO: You save money :D

CON: Not having the book in hand means you write things on sticky notes on your favourite quotes and chapters for your blog. And those sticky notes pile up fast!

PRO: Having due dates on books actually gets you to organize your time better so you have time to read

CON: When your teachers all suddenly assign tests/quizzes/special lessons/projects the same time

PRO: You can always read at the library or during English (if you have English this semester) like me

CON: If you are in a bunch of in school clubs with responsibilities you can't. And if you have the no eating in class policy like my school you don't wanna miss lunch to read. Seriously, 75 minutes of no food can mess with you

PRO: You can always read at home if you get all your homework done before you start reading

CON: If your like me, the second the book is in your hand you can't stop reading (unless it's dinner) and by the time you finish, your exhausted and homework is irrelevant to your life, no matter how important it is

PRO: It's nice seeing your book shelf full of books :)

CON: Finding space

PRO: You still have a lot of books, so be happy!

Well, that's it for me! Now I have to start my French assignment so I can FINALLY start reading Clockwork Prince!


  1. This is accurate beyond belief. I mean, obviously our schools work differently, but it's the same general idea.

    Great list! And I hope you get to Clockwork Prince! :)


    1. I am on Chapter 2! And it's due tomorrow...Im so behind. And I still have to read my driving book because I have my test next week! I'm freaking out *flails and painics*

  2. Firstly, only just stumbled across your blog and I have one thing to say: LOVE IT! Your design is gorgeous and from the posts I've read so far, you're a very good writer... plus, you're a whovian, I assume? Too much awesomeness already. ;D

    Anyway, this is a brilliant, accurate post. I love how you're "channeling your inner Cammie Morgan" as I love Gallagher Girls (although I haven't read the last book yet)... I borrow so many books from my library as I live on the same street as one (lucky, I know!) but I'm dreadful at returning them on time... I get so many angry letters!

    Anywho, I love the blog and I just followed you on twitter. :)

    1. YES! I followed you back on Twitter as well :) And thank you for taking a stumble on my blog :3 And yes, I am a Whovian, sorry if I didn't make it obvious ;) The gifs actually make my blog slow.

      The final Gallagher books will play with you, especially at the end! I was so sad to read it, but happy because Ally Carter is moving on to Embassy Row and other things :) But it made me feel old :/

      And (I'm saying this waaaay too much) thank you for liking my blog :D

    2. Just a little tip, you should probably change the font your blog is in. It's hurting my eyes, and I cant read it lmao