Friday, 22 November 2013

Happy 3 Month Blogaversary to Me!

Yup, it's official! I've been blogging for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! I find it kind of weird how time goes by so fast! I never thought I'd actually last a month, let alone three!

In the span of three months, I've found my love of reading and writing again, made lots of new friends from around the world, interviewed some pretty awesome authors and actors, and won a couple neat prizes here and there! :)

Normally, people give out prizes during these 'blogaversaries' but unfortunately, I am not financially stable enough to afford so many books that 95% of the books that I do borrow are library books. I probably will have my first book contest probably by JANUARY, after my parents let me go crazy during Christmas and do a gigantic book haul (this only happens at least twice a year) to restock my shelf. That's when I'll probably be able to clean out my shelves :) If I can't do a book haul this year (and to be honest, I'm not even a hundred percent sure I can this year), I probably WILL be able to do a book haul in FEBRUARY when it's my 6 month blogaversary :) 

But right now, I got some awesome news to tell you guys about, and all you Vampire Academy and Bloodlines fans better be coming back on the blog when I get it confirmed. It's at the early stages at the moment, but I can tell you this: I've interviewed someone that you all know, and she will be featured on Fangirl Friday! She will be the first girl featured on Fangirl Friday.

No, she isn't from the Blood Sisters cast (unfortunately, I don't think they'll ever recoginze anyone with a small blog like mine), but she is someone who took time out of her busy schedule to talk to me! 

So make sure to come back soon for the official announcement!

Have a wonderful Friday guys! 

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