Friday, 1 November 2013

Fangirl Friday: William Lacey

It's Fangirl Friday! And this week, I'm featuring William Lacey from the Lacey Chronicles. 

I was supposed to feature him last week in honor of Eve Edwards's guest post, but I made a mistake while making the post, and it was scheduled for THIS WEDNESDAY. Fortunately enough, I caught it before then, but now I had to put Will for this week than last week.

So here he is: Lord William Lacey, Earl of Dorset!

Isn't he dreamy? That's model George Elliot up there (he's what I pictured Will to look like). :)

Here are some fun facts about Will:

-He's the eldest of four (two brothers, one little sister).
-He is blonde and has a face of an angel (described by Ellie).
-He is from the Elizabethan period, and is an avid jouster (is that how you spell that?).
-Despite the fact he's an Earl, he helps his villagers to keep the village looking proper.
-He's only eighteen.

William Lacey is the eldest Lacey brother- and the heir of the Lacey title and financial ruin. When we first meet him in the Other Countess, he is a young boy whom just received his father's title. He kicks Arthur Hutton (his father's resident alchemist and money leech), and his daughter, Ellie Hutton, whom he (by default) resents as well.

Years later, Ellie and Will meet again- him as an Earl about to be married to a noblewoman, and her as a penniless girl with a worthless Spanish title being dragged around the country by her father's experiments. They don't recognize eachother and try to be friends, but as her secret comes, everything comes falling apart. As his marriage to Lady Jane approaches, she reappears in his life again, and his attraction to her is undeniable. Will is then left with a choice: marry a proper lady to save his family from financial ruin or follow his heart's desire.

So what makes Will worthy of this week's Fangirl Friday?

He'll do anything to make sure his family has a roof under his head, even if it means sacrificing his happiness. But in the end, Will will do everything in his power to get everyone (including himself) what they really deserve!

Happy Friday guys!

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