Sunday, 24 November 2013

Blogger Life: Book Haul (#6)

I actually didn't get a chance to post this last week, but here's my book haul!

Look at those gorgeous titles! I got them last Saturday and at the time, I had 9 books (including those ones up there) to read.

I also got this lovely book in the mail from Epic Reads (btw, I never knew how much I was missing out until I actually watched their vlogs). 

And yeah, I got a lovely Epic Reads bag with *book shimmy* on it :)

AND this Friday, I got this book from the mail as well:

I currently have 11 books to read plus 5 ebooks. Yeah. 

I was going to read two of my library books this weekend and planned to finish one of my ebooks, but the problem is that I actually missed TWO DAYS of math and economics, and a day of English. And on top of that, I've been sick since Wednesday, and my fever started disappearing only yesterday. My weekend was busy (I had three days of math homework to finish, I'm currently crying over the fact that I still don't understand what I'm doing in economics, and I have to make study notes for my French novel study/essay). Oh, and I was so sick to the point where I couldn't watch Catching Fire. 

On the bright side: I watched the Day of the Doctor. It was a beautiful episode! :D I have sooooo many thoughts on what's to come and have soooo many theories! Unfortunately, I can't put gifs onto these posts using the Blogger App, but I can post pictures, like this end shot from the 50th special:

Have a good Sunday guys! :)

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