Monday, 2 September 2013

Music Monday

IT'S LONG WEEKEND and school starts tomorrow (cue hysterically crying).

I feel really bad for not updating yesterday and Saturday, but you know, LONG WEEKEND, final days of summer vacay...I deserve some last minute freedom.

Today, no book talk yet. I'm currently waiting for my four books in the library which I'm currently on the waitlist for. I may do I book review on Wednesday or Thursday in honour of my special news coming very, VERY soon, so stay tuned.

So I've been working out (sorta...I really don't know what counts as working out anymore) this summer to stay fit, stay healthy and to fit back into my uniform pants (they're VERY pricey, may I add), and sorta devised a workout playlist of sorts. I've been listening to a lot of British and French artists because, well, I can. So here it is!

From Conor's YTV Filming...his drummer, Mike, was
pretty hot too. I couldn't get a picture of him though,
there was this tall girl in front of me.
1. R U Crazy by Conor Maynard: I get A LOT of commentary when I say I actually like Conor Maynard, but to be honest with you, I shared a lot of the same opinions like most haters out there once upon a time. I met Conor last year when he was filming for a YTV special (thanks to Vervegirl :D) and he is the most sweetest, humble, and charming person I have ever met! He even gave me a hug! (after two minutes of embarrassingly trying to get his attention but, whatever, I GOT A HUG :D). So aside from my love for him, the vibe from his newest single is what puts him on top. His first album, Contrast, had nice beats but came off more player to me and even after I went to the filming, it took me awhile to get into the vibe of the album. What sold me completely was the song Mary Go Round-- GAHH, that ruined my emotions! R U Crazy got me from the get go. There was still that Mary Go Round vibe, but this single had that cliché 'BAM! I'm back, but I never really left effect' and to me was very Justin Timberlake-esque. And so did the video. Well done Conor. But what really sold me was the fact that it was that song that you can request on the radio for an ex and it fit in my 'non-conventional' break up songs with Paramore's (One of Those) Crazy Girls. AND it helped me get through my lying hip lifts and my planks so yeah :)

2. Hero by Jessie J (from the Kick Ass 2 Soundtrack): I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jessie J! Her voice is just TO DIE FOR! This song was my power song-- I channeled it to get through that one last rep before collapsing on my floor (I didn't really do that, don't worry. I usually just down a bottle of water and remember that I'm still alive). The lyrics of this song just got to me and gave me the power to finish my workout. And it's very badass. Very kick ass (although by the end of the song I feel as if I just got my assed kicked). I also listen to this song while reading some of my Vampire Academy books; to me, it's Rose's theme song.
3. Controle by Shy'm: Shy'm my English speaking friends, is a singer from France. I first discovered her last year while researching French songs for a performance I had to do. After continuously listening to Je Suis Moi (I Am Me) for what seemed like forever, I ventured and found some more of her amazing songs (Et Alors is totally my French Diva song). When I heard Controle for the first time I found it very clubby, but at the same time, dancing (terribly) along with the song. I always play this song for my warm ups :)
4. Danse by TAL and Flo Rida: Flo Rida isn't my favourite artist, rapper or person in the world, but TAL is mine, so this song is definitely on my list. This song is very pop-y and I love it. I dance very badly to this song as well. But it pumps me up for working out, and is another one of my warm up songs! :)
5. Magnetic by Jessie J: This song is from the City of Bones soundtrack. When I heard Demi was on it, I was like, "Oh gosh, why?" but when I listened to her song, I found out that I liked it a lot. So Googled the soundtrack and found Jessie was on it, that's when I got REALLY excited. When I heard this song, I was like CLACE FEELS! And then I just had to make it part of my workout playlist.
6. Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake: I think it's pretty obvious as to why this song is on my playlist. It's Justin Timberlake.
7. Applause by Lady Gaga: I could NOT help but put this on my playlist. A lot of people I know don't really like this song, but I just do. I don't know, the lyrics maybe? I know I love the chorus very much :)
8. Burn by Ellie Goulding: This is the song I use for my cool down stretches. I love the reggae vibe and it just gets me in a happy mood :)
Well, that's it for me this Monday! Hopefully I don't get lazy later on in the week and ACTUALLY post my first book review really soon. I hope this was a good post and you guys got a chance to add some more songs onto your iPods :)
And for my Canadian pals out there, did you here about that new talk show The Social? Usually I don't really update myself on those types of shows, but I'm a fan of ETalk and I'm actually really excited to watch the first episode and see what it's really about!
Follow me on twitter @VACanadaNews or @missyallydums97 and have a great long weekend guys! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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