Saturday, 21 September 2013

Blogger Life: Book Haul (#1)

It's Saturday and the end of summer! I'm actually more of a fall person (because, who isn't a fan of wearing big, comfy sweaters?), but sadly, I'm not as hyped for fall as I thought I would be. No, it's not because it's raining like crazy here, but because I have a book problem.

Currently, I'm reading these books:

I have already started reading Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto and Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (and I'm in love with both), and I will be starting Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor real soon! (I will probably be finished Heaven and CoA by tonight, considering I don't have any homework ^_^).

But that's not my book problem. I have enough books to keep me busy for probably a little over a week (homework problems...sighs...), but the books in the second picture (excluding Daughter of Smoke and Bone) aren't the books that I have reserved. Sure, I've always wanted to read them (I heard Harlan Coben is awesome. I hope he won't go Moffat on me though), but the ones on my list still haven't arrived from the library and it's almost been a MONTH!

My school library isn't very updated (but I have given my librarian a list of books to get), but the public library is the worst! I'm happy that I get books for free and I'm happy that I can renew these books and keep them longer than my school's library system, but they are just so slow!

I get the wait list thing, and I'm fine with that! I just HATE it when they put a book that you really want to read in the library system, get you to reserve it, and later find out that it's not in the system!
Like why do you torture me like that? And then when you go to check on when they'll have it, it just says AVAILABLE SOON. Thanks library, THANKS A LOT! How am I to borrow books for free if you don't even have it/ won't tell us when you'll have it?

Now, I guess I just have to wait. And update my resume and hope I can get a job. I really need more books, my poor bookshelf hasn't been updated in awhile.

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