Friday, 20 September 2013

Fandom Friday

Happy Fandom Friday everybody! Instead of the Fangirl Friday that I had originally planned to do, I decided to dedicate this post to my fandoms!

1. Love and Loyalty Run Deeper than Blood

Vampire Academy: With over 8 million books sold world-wide, a 6 book spin off series, and a movie to premiere on February 14th, 2014, the Vampire Academy is one of my all time favourite series and Fandoms.

The Books:
There are 6 books in the series: Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice. Despite it's name, it is NOT your typical vampire story!

The Vampire Academy series revolves around 17 year old half vampire, half human (also known as a Dhampir), Rose Hathaway. She has been trained all her life to protect and guard her vampire BFF Lissa Dragomir. After an accident that bonded them psychically, Rose and Lissa escape the walls of their school St. Vladimir's, only to be dragged back by Dimitri Belikov...who happens to be Lissa's new guardian. Together, the two face many hardships: social discrimination, psychological issues, bad romances, betrayal and enemies that make the Volturi hide in a corner.

The books are amazing, and what drew me to Vampire Academy was it's complexity; there's romance, there's humour, there's adventure, there's self-discovery, and there's growing up.
Richelle Mead uses her talented writing skills to bring out the human side of this vampiric world she has created, and brings you on a journey along with the characters.

I highly recommend this series to anyone that hasn't read it! And if you know ANYONE that has read this series, they will tell you that this series is amazing and  WORTH the read.

Despite the series ending in 2010, the world of Vampire Academy lives on. Bloodlines (the spin-off series), tells the story of side characters from Vampire Academy, and features cameos from the previous series! So if you're looking for a fix before the movie, I suggest you give the sound off series a try. There are three books out now: Bloodlines, the Golden Lily, the Indigo Spell, and the fourth book, the Fiery Heart will debut November 19th, 2013.


The Movie:

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (the name of the movie) will be out on February 14th, 2014. Also known as Valentine's Day. But I guess it won't compare to VA Day :D

The movie stars Zoey Deutch as Rose Hathaway (Beautiful Creatures), Lucy Fry (Lightning Point), and Danila Kozlovsky (We Are From The Future). The movie will also star Gabriel Byrne, Cameron Monaghan (Shameless), Dominic Sherwood (The Cut), Sami Gayle (Blue Bloods), Olga Kurylenko, and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family).


With Vampire Academy being one of my favourite series of all time, I am seriously excited that the book to movie adaptation is FINALLY being made.

According to interviews with Mark Waters (Mean Girls), Daniel Waters (Heathers), and Richelle Mead herself, the movie is VERY loyal to the book. I mean, look at the trailer:
And another thing I love is the cast! I mean, they're all pretty good look and they've all got some serious acting chops (they're résumés are all impressive. Good job casting!). But the one thing that I love is that they are totally interactive with their fans. I even got a chance to do an impromptu interview with one of their Dhampirs, Nate Shaw!

It was pretty cool. Now only if I can get Dominic Sherwood to notice me...

2. Bowties are Cool

Doctor Who is like the fandom of fandoms. You have people from other fandoms in this fandom, and it's pretty amazing.

Now, I didn't grow up watching classic Doctor Who (sorry, my family didn't own a TV while growing up & didn't get this awesome experience), but I have been a loyal fan of the series for a while. I have a love for the new Doctors (yes, I'm an Eleven, sorry Tens!), but have a lot of respect for the Classic Doctor Who (they kept it running for 26 seasons!).

What I love about Doctor Who is the action and the adventures, but most of all, I love how it makes me feel like a little kid again. Whenever I watch Doctor Who and watch as the Doctor takes out the sonic screwdriver, I just...I feel like I'm a kid again, believing that super heroes do exist and that there's one out there for me.

I just love Doctor Who. I just do. I'm just really upset that I have basic cable now and won't be able to watch the 50th Anniversary special OR the Christmas special D:

3. 221B Baker Street

I promised myself that if I can't live in a TARDIS, I'll live in a house with the number 221 and add a 'B' on later. Or live on a street called 'Baker Street'.

BBC's Sherlock is another fandom of mine. I love the show for various reasons, but Moffat penning it is not one of them (like seriously dude, how could you end Series 2 like that?).


From the acting to the mystery and to the modern day spin, I love Sherlock so much (#Sherlocked), I tried (and failed)  reading the original books to get an understanding of the characters, like Moriarty.

4. When All Shall Know the Truth, the Truth Shall Set ye Free

Well, no not quite really, but it really IS over.

Yup, the final book of Gallagher Girls series (by Ally Carter), United We Spy, just released this Tuesday. I haven't gotten it yet, but I heard there some HUGE plot twists!

I have yet to read the book, but when I do, I'll do a much more lengthy (and nostalgic) post of my love and adoration for the series.

Like seriously, I started reading the series when I was twelve. That was four years ago. FOUR YEARS! I feel so old now :(

But seriously, this fandom is the British Bombshell, and I think the reason why I haven't picked up the series yet is because I just don't want it to end!

Sadly, Trenzalore calls...oh wait, wrong fandom.


5. William? Walter? Wesley?

Another series by Ally Carter, Heist Society stole me from my heart the second I heard that the protagonist was about a thief named Kat (I giggled when I first read that).

Unlike it's Gallagher counterpart, there is no big story arch tying all the books together. It's a series of books that tell the adventure of Kat Bishop, a girl of a family of thieves, and how she navigates the man dominated world of stealing.

I personally enjoy Ally's style of writing; it's clean and isn't totally all doom and gloom like most of the YA series I have read.

It does, however, feature a very handsome billionaire that goes by Scooter (which is weird because his intials are W.W).


6. No one is falling down before any angels today

Fiona Paul (aka Paula Stokes) is one of my new favourite authors! Her debut book, Venom, literally just took me away!

It's YA Historical, set in Renaissance Italy, the Secrets of the Eternal Rose trilogy tells the story of Cassandra 'Cass' Caravello, a 15 year old girl from Venice craving for freedom. Instead, danger and adventure seem to find her after she goes out late at night to visit her dead friend in her tomb. Cass grows throughout the series, learning a lot about herself, her family, and solving unanswered questions that have left her as an orphan: what really happened to her family? Who or what is the Order of the Eternal Rose?

If you love the Gemma Doyle trilogy, The Stravaganza series or the Cross My Heart books, this series is definitely the one for you!

So that's it for me for Fandom Friday!

My next review will probably be Monday or Tuesday, and will either be on my farewell to the Halo trilogy or my new found love for the Infernal Devices series. And don't forget to follow me on @missyallydums97!
(Igonore the "Don't Die" part :3)


  1. Yay. I love the Gemma Doyle trilogy :-) And I just added Heist Society to my TBR. Thanks for including VENOM in your post :-)

    1. No problem! And trust me when I say Heist Society is an amazing read. What's better than a thief named Kat, a billionaire bad boy, Europe and a dysfunctional family? ;)